Saturday, 16 February 2013

Red velvet cake

Red velvet sheet cake .... sounds enticing and all the pictures on the web were too. So I decided to try to make one.
Pioneer woman has a recipe which a lot of other bloggers recommend , so I decided to follow hers. And I liked her idea of a sheet cake and measurements in cups.

But first I had to get a sheet cake pan ( 13 x 9 " ) though technically this is a quarter sheet size. The sizes apparently come from bakeries which use varying sizes to get a particular number of 2"x2" servings. Got a really sturdy Wilton pan on Amazon. It looked huge and I wondered what to do with such a big cake ... maybe take some into work.

I had already sourced all the ingredients including buttermilk which I found in Waitrose.

It looked very reddd...

I used plain flour and butter instead of shortening. I used traditional buttercream icing as I wanted to finish the job quickly.
Maybe next time I'll try the flour paste icing.
 The kids and hubby loved it.  It is the softest cake I have ever made. Agreed I am no great baker.
I  don't need to wonder what to do with it. It was so yummy they forbid me to take any to work!

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